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Over the years

We have started the custom smart card software development in the early 2000s, providing our customers by the MS Windows platform solutions based on the GSM SIM and the Schlumberger Payflex electronic purses cards.

Over the years, we have created secure solutions and libraries to work with any kind of ISO-7816 smart cards on MS Windows platform and through the network, implementing the high level of cryptography and wide range of algorithms, industry standards and specifications.

Our experience
PC/SC Software for ISO-7816 Smart Cards - over 15 years
GSM SIM / USIM Cards Software - over 15 years
JavaCard / JCOP Java Applets - over 10 years
Technologies & Algorithms

Industry Standards

Our solutions are based on many leading industry standards and specifications, some of which are listed below:

  • Smart Card General: ISO/IEC 7816, PC/SC
  • GSM SIM/USIM: ETSI GSM11.11, 3GPP TS 31.102, TS 31.121…
  • PIV Card: NIST SP800-73-3 PART1-4…
  • Web Authentication: FIDO U2F, FIDO2 CTAP, W3C WebAuthN
  • Middleware: MS Smart Card Minidriver v7
  • others


In our software, which is based on our own security libraries as well as on third-party cryptography solutions like the OpenSSL library etc.,  we implement the wide range of strong cryptography algorithms, some of which are listed below:

  • Encryption: RSA, ECC, DES/3DES, AES, RC6…
  • Hash and Digest: MD5, SHA-1, SHA-2, HMAC…
  • Digital Signatures: RSA, ECDSA
  • others

Services & products

Solutions To Order

We develop a wide range of custom smart card and security software, and we can offer you the following solutions built on the MS Windows and Web platforms:

  • Single GUI utilities;
  • ActiveX controls;
  • Dynamic-Link Libraries (DLL);
  • Windows Services;
  • SOAP/REST Clients and Web Services;
  • Web site features and components;
  • Complex solutions containing all the above;

Custom Software Development

We provide the full cycle of custom software development, including:

  • Understanding your goals and requirements;
  • Working with functional specifications and industry standards;
  • Making the applications and databases design;
  • Developing the whole solution;
  • Providing the quality assurance testing (QA);
  • Creating the Help system and Setup utility;
  • Implementing the solution, or providing the assistance with the implementation;
  • Providing the post-implementation ongoing support;


Smart Cards

Our software supports all kinds of ISO/IEC 7816 compatible smart cards like the following:

  • GSM (U)SIM cards;
  • EMV payment cards;
  • electronic purse cards;
  • programmable JCOP/JavaCard cards;
  • PIV and all other identity and cryptographic cards;
  • any other type of processor (chip) cards.

Please note, that to work with memory cards you need the specific card reader which encapsulates  memory card commands like read/write/verify e.t.c. into the regular smart card APDU commands.

Card Readers

Our software supports all kinds of contact/contactless PC/SC compatible devices like smart card readers, USB tokens e.t.c..

POS Terminals

We provide the embedded software development for POS (Point Of Sale) terminals to implement your business scenarios and to make terminals compatible with your software and smart cards.

Request Custom Smart Card Software

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