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Over the years

We have started custom software development in the late 1990s, providing our customers with client-server solutions for MS Windows and Web platforms, developed with Delphi, Interbase, PHP and MySQL.

Today we provide our customers by the full cycle of custom software development – from single GUI utilities, DLLs and ActiveX – and up to complex solutions powered by different database servers, smart cards and strong security algorithms.



Depending to the ordered solution, requested features and selected platform we use different development environments, some of which are listed below:

  • Eclipse + JCOP Tools;
  • Oracle Java Card Development Kit;
  • Embarcadero RAD Studio;
  • Borland Delphi/C++ Builder;
  • MS Visual Studio;
  • MS SQL Server Management Studio;
  • others…


Every complex solution requires a database management system to store and process its data. We support the following database servers:

  • MS SQL Server;
  • DB2;
  • Oracle;
  • PostgreSQL;
  • MySQL;
  • Interbase;
  • SQLite

Services & products

Solutions To Order

We develop a wide range of custom software, and we can offer you the following solutions built on the MS Windows and Web platforms:

  • Single GUI utilities;
  • ActiveX controls;
  • Dynamic-Link Libraries (DLL);
  • Windows Services;
  • SOAP/REST Clients and Web Services;
  • Web site features and components;
  • Complex solutions containing all the above;
  • let us know your ideas…

Custom Software Development

We provide the full cycle of custom software development, including:

  • Understanding your goals and requirements;
  • Working with functional specifications and industry standards;
  • Making the applications and databases design;
  • Developing the whole solution;
  • Providing the quality assurance testing (QA);
  • Creating the Help system and Setup utility;
  • Implementing the solution, or providing the assistance with the implementation;
  • Providing the post-implementation ongoing support;

Our experience
MS Windows Platform - over 20 yrs
Web Platform - over 20 yrs
Database Development - over 20 yrs
Cryptography & Security - over 15 yrs
Embedded & JavaCard - over 10 yrs
Cross Platform Development - 2 yrs

Request Custom Software

Please send us the request below to let us see better your basic goals and the solution you are looking for.

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