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Who we are

Digital Mind Systems Ltd. is the consulting company based in Victoria, capital city of British Columbia, Canada.

We have started in the late 1990s as a wide-range software development team in Ukraine, providing our customers by different types of client-server solutions for MS Windows and Web platforms.

In 2002 Igor Kharchenko, the lead developer, has founded the SCard SOFT Project to support smart card engineers and developers worldwide and to provide them by the quality software to work with smart cards on MS Windows platform.

Over the years, the SCard SOFT Project has experienced steady growth and became the stable Ukrainian software developers team specializing in the custom smart card and security solutions development. Finally, in 2019 the SCard SOFT Project has moved to Canada and become a department of Digital Mind Systems Ltd.

Another department – ThingsNET – does the research in the area of IoT (Internet Of Things) and cross-platform software solutions development.

Today Digital Mind Systems Ltd provides customers worldwide by the full cycle of custom software development on JavaCard, MS Windows and Web platforms.

Our experience
MS Windows and Web Development - over 20 years
PC/SC Software for ISO-7816 Smart Cards - over 15 years
GSM SIM / USIM Cards Software - over 15 years
JavaCard / JCOP Java Applets - over 10 years
IoT Research - 1 year
Why choose us

Over the years we deliver quality that matches our customer’s expectations in different areas of custom software solutions development.

  • Focusing on our customers needs
  • Providing top quality services and support
  • Building complex solutions from scratch
  • Bringing the smart card technology to customers business making it secure
  • Implementing strong cryptography and security algorithms
Services & products

Smart Card Software

Full cycle of custom software development – from single GUI utilities, Services, ActiveX and DLLs, and up to complex software solutions.

Supported all kinds of ISO-7816 smart cards – including PIV and ID cards, JavaCard / JCOP cards, GSM SIM / USIM cards, EMV payment cards etc.Read More »

JavaCard / JCOP Applets

Full cycle of custom JavaCard / JCOP Java applets development – from simple ID and electronic purse cards, and up to strong USA goverment solutions like NIST 800-73-3 PIV card, and others.

Implementing the wide area of cryptography algorithms standards including SHA, DES / 3DES, AES, RSA, ECC and others.Read More »

Custom Software

Full cycle of custom software solutions development for MS Windows and Web platforms – from simple utilities up to complex web sites and client/server solutions powered by smart cards and strong cryptography algorithms.Read More »

SCard SOFT Solutions

Download the complete and ready to use smart card software from our SCard SOFT department and start working with any smart card easy.Read More »